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Director of The Brain KickStart Program

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Early in life I learned that I am the pilot of my "own plane" and its' destination is determined only by me. As a young adult I suffered an acute cardiac condition that changed my life forever. I was determined not to let stress, anxiety, fatigue or depression control my life. The key to success was "showing up for my life"! Through the art of connecting my body, mind and spirit I have been able to develop positive relationships that have helped me on this life journey.

Persistence and determination have shaped who I am today. Many believed I would not succeed, but my determination kept me moving forward even when the odds were against me. Today I am an innovative leader with over 25 years of expertise in areas of Senior Level Management, Wellness and Healthcare Management, Leadership Engagement and Educational Administration. Over the years I have created actionable health and wellness roadmaps for both individuals and teams, helping to make a difference in many lives. My clients describe me as a highly effective coach who promotes a shared vision and a positive working relationship.

I am the Director of the Brain Kick Start Program with Dr. Patricia Salvitti BS, DC for the Media Wellness Center in Media, PA. Together, we are responsible for working closely with patients to help their brains get "unstuck" from old brainwave states, which are often the result of injury and/or stress. The end result is an energized, more optimally functioning brain. Dr. Cobo and Dr. Salvitti work with the following issues that affect the "mind-body" connection that are the possible cause of many debilitating conditions.

For example:

·       Poor eating habits and uncontrolled cravings can be linked to an in balance of "feel good" neurotransmitters, possibly leading to obesity and an unhealthy diet lacking in key nutrients.

·       Insomnia and metabolic disorders are connected to brain voltage. Vitality, or the lack of it, is the outcome of the intensity of this voltage.

·       Low energy can undermine the best of intentions to exercise.

·       Irritable bowel, extreme fatigue, elevated anxiety levels, addictive behaviors and chronic pain are among many other health issues that find their origins in dysfunctions of the brain.

The bottom line to all of this is the brain generates and sends electric currents throughout the body, directs the internal systems, and orchestrates overall health and well-being. We provide treatment that includes: Infratonic Stimulation, BioFlex Laser Light Therapy, Brain Cross Protocol and other modalities to influence improved health in the brain. In various combinations, these instruments are used to break up existing aberrant patterns, to instill deep relaxation, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

We have recently introduced the Brain Gauge Assessment, which takes advantage of new technology to test brain function and track it over time. It measures changes in information processing in the brain to give an assessment of brain health.

I have learned that life is about transitions. I am blessed that my life was saved and I was able to make the transition to better health, mind and spirit.

Dr. Anamaria Cobo
Media Wellness Center
Director, Brain Kick Start program
100 West 6th Street, Suite 105
Media, PA 19063
(610) 291-6627-Cell
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