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What can I offer that isn’t already out there? Probably nothing new.  I do see from personal and clinical experience that I can help you sort through the information that is out there and see how it applies to you.  Sometimes a little clarity can go a long way towards solving health care issues and putting you on the road to greater health and well-being.  In that vein I thought it best to start with this “food for thought”.

Are you accepting poor health as your destiny because you lack the appropriate knowledge?

Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe.

Though most people would not think of the word destiny when it comes to the acceptance of their poor health, what they are doing is a modern day version of believing in destiny.  How many millions of people have suffered in the past and present from preventable diseases, thinking it was their destiny or fate to do so?  Our version is to say:  I have heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune, cancer, etc because it’s in my family.  With rare genetic disorders there is an element of truth to our belief about our condition.  Most of the time, like the person suffering needlessly from their disease or condition, the ability to regain and maintain or health is within our power.

I have observed two major blocks to having this happen: 
1.  We look around and say, other people can eat what they want, drink what they want, live the lifestyle they want and they don’t have the problems I have. 
2.  Rarely does the medical profession (who we have trusted to be authorities) guide us through the appropriate steps necessary for a vibrantly healthy life.  If anything they are as misguided as us and not open to anything that does not fit their fixed paradigm.

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I had a young woman ask me recently for advise on a “realistic” healthy diet for her busy lifestyle.  My response was:  it should be “reality-based” within the laws of nature if we hope to achieve the outcome we are looking for.  Thirty years of practice have shown me that my patients who see our relationship as a partnership and take responsibility for their part, gain the most.  It can be no other way.

Yours in Health,

Dr Pat

Getting decrepit as we get older is an option not a given


While a nutrient dense plant-based diet, exerciseand coping mechanisms for emotional and mental stress can slow down the aging process, CHRONIC PAIN can make us feel older than we are, and can potentially accelerate the aging process.

Even Medical Doctors are recognizing the limitations of medicine when treating chronic pain.

"Pain is the most common complaint that leads patients to seek medical care. Chronic pain is not uncommon. Approximately 35% of Americans have some element of chronic pain, and approximately 50 million Americans are disabled partially or totally due to chronic pain. It can lead to depression, fatigue and reduced activity as well as overuse of drugs and alcohol. 
Chronic pain is managed best with a multidisciplinary approach, requiring good integration."

Manish K Singh, MD, Assistant Professor, Pain Management, Department of Neurology, Drexel College of Medicine, Hahnemann University Hospital

What contributes to CHRONIC PAIN?

1.  Injuries that don't seem to heal as well as when we were younger

2.  Wear and tear osteoarthritis

3.  Chronic low grade inflammation triggered by dietary stress, emotional and mental stress, enviornmental allergens, toxic overload and infection

4.  # 3 is compounded by lack of resources (key nutrients in sufficient amounts) and local congestion that may prevent resources from getting through to where they are needed.

5.  Autoimmune conditions-  It has been estimated that autoimmune diseases are among the ten leading causes of death among women in all age groups up to 65 years. A substantial minority of the population suffers from these diseases, which are often chronic, debilitating, and life-threatening. There are more than eighty illnesses caused by autoimmunity.
There are powerful natural immune modulators that can substantially help re-regulate an abnormal immune response and minimize auto-immune syndromes.  A number of these are found in the liquid nutrition product, Prodovite™.

In articles to follow this one I will cover these causes of CHRONIC PAIN and what we can do to be proactive in minimizing its effects on our health and wellbeing.

Wear and Tear Arthritis

"Wear and Tear" Arthritis or Osteoarthritis are terms used to describe the degeneration of joints that happens as a result of overuse or age.   Many understand that this can be the result of occupations or sports that require repetitive motions.  What you may not know is the following:

  1. There was often an initial injury that started the degenerative process.  When joints are sprained the ligamentous tissue in the joint capsule swells limiting normal motion.  Without adequate motion in the joint nerves that would decrease pain and swelling are not activated and nerves that increase pain are activated more.  This creates a vicious cycle and makes it hard for the body to self-correct and heal.  Intervention with adjustments, low level laser and acupuncture can break the cycle and facilitate healing.  With low level laser we now have the means to actually stimulate the body to repair the damage caused by arthritis.
  2. Poor biomechanic due to genetic foot variations can set us up for injuries and/or wear and tear arthritis.  More recent research has led to an innovative approach to minimizing the impact of these genetic variations.  To find out if you may be at risk read about Posture Dynamics. (the answer is not expensive orthotics)
  3. You can have a great deal of degenerative change and little pain, and conversely, you can have a little degenerative change a lot of pain.  The level of pain has to do with the amount of inflammation in the body.  This is why your arthritis may bother you more on some days than on others.  It's important to understand the role of inflammation and how to minimize inflammation with superior nutrition.
  4. Vitamin D deficiency is an underlying cause of arthritis and other chronic degenerative diseases that is being grossly underrecognized.  Make sure your levels of vitamin D are tested accurately and that you understand what is necessary to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.  For further information refer to the Vitamin D Counsel.
  5. The pain associated with arthritis is often relieved by bodywork such as PNT(Pain Neutralization Technique) and Trager massage, both of which are available at the Media Wellness Center.
  6. There are safe, effective, natural anti-inflammatory substances and products that can substitute for prescription and non-prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, eliminating the very real danger of side effects.  My favorite these days is BiAloe.

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