Rebuilding Your Body's Communication System

Rebuilding Your Body’s Communication System

What are Glyconutrients? Glyco – referring to a sugar molecule, and nutrient – self-explanatory.

Also known as polymannans, these are complex sugars consisting of two mannose molecules and one-glucose molecule.

These polymannans are composed of many lengths, weights, and sizes. Lengths vary from short, medium, long to very long. Within these parameters, each size molecule performs its own unique function in the body.

The varying sizes determine healing properties:

Short Chain Length – Reduces inflammation, which is involved in such diseases as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and gastric reflux. Also helps with the reduction of blood sugar with both type I and II diabetes.

Medium Chain Length – Vitamins and minerals can only function outside the cells, but polysaccharides are very effective intracellular antioxidants and free radical scavengers – very important in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease. With the ever increasing pollution on the planet and loss of nutrients in the soil, the increase in free radicals and loss of cellular oxygen will only become worse with time. This makes polysaccharides even more important than ever.

Large Chain Length – Has a direct anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect. Important with all the new infectious diseases cropping up and the older ones becoming more virulent from long term use of antibiotics.

Very Large Chain Length (Acemannan Fraction*) – The very large molecules are immune modulating, which have a powerful healing effect on AIDS, cancer and many different immune system disorders. It is also this large molecule the causes the body to produce a natural chemical, tumor necrosis factor, which functions to shut off blood supply to tumors.

Think of mannans as the pearls in a necklace, ranging from lightweight short necklaces with small pearls to very long, heavy weight strands with large pearls. The heavier, longer in length, and larger the pearls are, the more valuable the necklace becomes. As with mannans, the heavier and longer the chain of polymannose (glyconutrients), the more vital and valuable the function it performs within the body.

What Do Long Chain Glyconutrients Do in the Body?

Science now supports the concept that the very long chain mannans have specific immune functions in the body. The immune system is the master system of the body; every other system relies on a properly functioning immune system in order to optimally function.

To illustrate how polymannans and the immune system function together to support the rest of the body’s physiology, think of the body’s communication system like talking on a cell phone. If you are far from a cell tower, or the tower is down, you will send and receive garbled messages.

These polymannan glyconutrients repair and rebuild the “cell towers” on the surface of your cell walls, allowing good communication between your body’s systems. This means your immune system can perform much better, because it gets more accurate information!

BiAloe® is the highest quality, most bio-available, most immunomodulatory freeze dried Aloe vera made. A technological breakthrough in Aloe vera processing, BiAloe® has a bio-active profile nearly identical to that of natural Aloe vera inner leaf gel. There is absolutely no other Aloe vera product on the market that can match the polysaccharide and Acemannan content. Additionally, BiAloe® is water soluble, with no bitter taste, and is virtually Aloin free with no laxative effects.

Farming, harvesting, processing, and packaging affect polymannan content and the bio-availability of the Acemannan. BiAloe® is more efficacious than 3 to 10 times the amount of other commercially available Aloe vera.

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