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Before reading everything below please note that because BiAloe is 3 to 10 times more potent than other similar aloe products on the market, a little goes a long way.  A long term effective daily maintenance dose can be as little as 160mg a day, which is less than 1/8 tsp.  Also, it is very important to understand that the BiAloe freeze dried powder is hydrophilic, which means it will readily absorb moisture and clump.  Do not leave your container open any longer than you need to and avoid having any water on your measuring spoon when you take out your daily dose. The BiAloe will still be effective even if it has clumped, it may just need extra shaking to dissolve. BiAloe is not a substitute for your prescriptive medications or medical care, rather it is a powerful support for normal/optimal functioning of the body. For more specific instructions continue reading. 

For optimum results if you have struggled with health issues for a while, it is suggested that youbegin with 1/8tsp of BiAloe/day (approx. 250mg) and slowly increase to 1/4tsp two times a day.  If you are very sensitive to botanicals or have been suffering with a chronic condition for a long time, you may want to start with even less.  As long as you are not experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches and/or increased aches and pains, try increasing your dosage every 2-3 days (these uncomfortable detoxification symptoms do not indicate anything bad. On the contrary they are signs that your body is starting to "clean house").  Be patient, it has no doubt taken many years for you to have reached the level of health you are experiencing now.  It will take some time for your body to heal naturally.  When you have found a dose that brings you a greater sense of health and wellbeing, staying at that dose may be sufficient to continue the detoxification and repair of your bodily systems.

The freeze dried powder can be mixed with purified or spring water or juice and has very little taste. A good protocol is to mix your dosage of BiAloe with 1 liter of good water and have a second liter of good water without BiAloe (you'll want to stay well hydrated to get the best results). Good to find a 1 liter glass juice bottle, which is easy to clean, that you can use for your BiAloe (sprinkle the BiAloe in and shake well).  Consume both liters in a 24 hour period.  BiAloe works best if you have some every 4 hours throughout the day.

Once you have reached your ideal dose you may want to maintain this same level for 3 to 6 months, or until you have been symptom free for 1 month. You can then reduce to a maintenance dose of 160mg/day.

Each person has different health objectives and tolerance levels. Therefore, listen to your body and go at your own speed. You may notice an increased amount of energy, or you may immediately experience signs of detoxification. Use your own judgement when it comes to dosing and trust that the human body has an amazing capacity to heal and regenerate when conditions are right.

For most of our clients we have found that 1/8 tsp at the beginning of the day and 1/8 tsp at the end is sufficient to counteract a tendency towards auto-immune conditions.

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