Brain Gauge

The BrainKick Start Program Introduces the Brain Gauge

Combining the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience with the power of present day technology to revolutionize the assessment of brain performance

The Brain Gauge system is a new technology that can be used to test brain function and track it over time. The Brain Gauge pulses your fingertips with small vibrations so that certain regions in your brain become active and talk to each other in a very specific manner. By asking a few simple questions about your perception (similar to reading an eye chart), we can measure this communication within the brain and use it to compute several metrics of brain function.

The Brain Gauge measures changes in information processing in the brain and delivers rapid, reliable, objective assessments of brain health. The method takes advantage of the relationship between the nerves in the finger tips and the interactions that take place in the individual’s brain that result from the vibration. These interactions in the brain characteristically deteriorate with the severity of the concussion and improve with the patient’s recovery. Based on 30+ years of scientific research and 10+ years of technological developments, the methods are providing extremely robust results for differentiating concussed from non-concussed individuals, and the research is receiving support from the NFL/GE Head Health Challenge and the Office of Naval Research’s BLAST program. Cortical Metrics’ co-founders Bob Dennis and Mark Tommerdahl are both members of the faculty of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.

How do you know Brain Gauge is for you? Have you experienced any of the following conditions?

Concussion           Traumatic Brain Injury              Stress                Anxiety Depression                       
Stroke                   Autism                                       ADHD             
Alzheimer’s          Dementia                                  Migraine           
Carpal Tunnel                                               

How Does Brain Gauge Testing Work?

The Brain Gauge system uses the sense of touch to engage your brain and test its performance. The high precision and high fidelity of the mechanical pulses that the Brain Gauge delivers is what is ultimately responsible for objective and quantitative metrics of brain performance.

What do your scores mean?

After you have taken a cortical metrics test, you can view (or obtain a printout) of your test results.
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