Most Cost Effective Aloe Vera

Most Cost Effective Aloe Vera

BiAloe® is, by far, the most cost effective Aloe vera on the market when you consider the number of "servings" it delivers per Kilo versus other Aloe vera where a "serving" represents the recommended daily intake of 26.8 milligrams of immunomodulatory Acemannan per day1. So when you look at the cost of BiAloe® compared to other commercially available Aloe vera in the context of delivery of immunomodulatory Acemannan, you will see that much less BiAloe® is required to achieve the same, or greater, efficacy. Said another way, it would take 3 to 10 times the amount of other available "Flagship" Aloe vera to achieve the same results as BiAloe®. The following graph indicates the number of servings that can be obtained per Kilo of BiAloe® compared with other poplular Aloe vera. Then, by using the formula below, you can calculate the true cost of your Aloe vera based on the number of efficacious "servings" delivered per Kilo. BiAloe® is clearly the most cost effective Aloe vera!

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