Are we getting adequate resources from our diet?

How do we know if our daily intake of food is supplying us with adequate amounts of key nutrients?

Intake is one thing, then we also need to ensure digestion, absorbtion and assimilation.

Ayurvedic Medicine, a 5 thousand year old system of healing, finds that many if not all diseases and conditions start with a "derangement" in the gut, i.e. some imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract.

Periodic rest from dietary stresses- animal protein, dairy, fats and oils, refined carbohydrates- can help restore proper function of the GI tract.  Sometimes this is enough to repair damage or "derangement" in the gut.  Other times we need prolonged avoidance of these stresses.  Research is showing that a high plant based diet with much less of anything else is the best insurance policy against all chronic degenerative conditions and cancer.  Explore the Foundations of Health pages and the role of Inflammation pages on Health 101 for guidance.

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