Injuries don't seem to heal as well as when we were younger

As we grow older a number of factors prevent us from healing as well as we did when we were younger:

HGH (human growth factor) the most powerful rejuvenating substance in the body decreases after puberty.  We can maintain higher levels with anaerobic exercise, adequate sleep and lower blood sugar levels (watch those starchy carbs).

Poor digestion can prevent adequate digestion of key nutrients needed for healing.  Eating a largely plant based diet can restore digestive capabilities. 

We have great needs for phyto-chemicals from plant based food.  Research is now showing that for NORMAL functioning we need approximately 8 pounds of vegetables a week.  Our needs are even greater when we are recovering from illness or injury.  Explore the Dr Pat's Support Pages for information on nutrition.

Muscles and Connective Tissue receive less of a blood supply and less nerve signals as we age, both of which slow down healing.  The biggest cause of this- USE IT OR LOSE IT.  Keep moving.  I read recently that we should never invest in comfortable seating, instead we're better off if we have uncomfortable furniture which forces us to get up frequently.  The advice was to never sit more than 45 minutes at a time.  This includes when we are on long car trips.

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