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In capsule form:
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is the highest quality, most bio-available, most immunomodulatory Aloe vera L. made. Farming, harvesting, processing, and packaging affect Acemannan content and the bio-availability of the Acemannan. This allows 160 mg of BiAloe® to be more efficacious than 3 to 10 times the amount of other commercially available Aloe vera.

BiAloe is Organic Aloe vera Inner Leaf Freeze Dried Powder

Aloe Vera Immunomodulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Aloe vera L. has been used topically and ingested as a Nutraceutical for thousands of years. In today fast paced world of advertising, information overload makes it extremely difficult to separate marketing hype from reality. In an attempt to short cut this process, Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, a world renowned Chemist with twenty years experience in Aloe vera discusses some of the more common issues.

Myth #1 All Aloe is the same.
Soil, temperature, sunshine, harvesting and processing techniques
dramatically affect the quality of Aloe vera L. I have found that Aloe grown in
a tropical climate to have the best quality.

Myth #2 A fresh Aloe leaf is better than processed Aloe.
Generally true for most processed Aloe vera products. My experience has
allowed me to see both the worst and the best of processed Aloe vera. Only
properly processed Aloe without the use of enzymes, chemicals, or heat
produces the best Aloe vera powder.

Myth #3 Aloe is better with the rind.
Aloe rind contains a laxative called Aloin. The best, most bio-available, most
immunomodulatory Aloe vera uses only the inner leaf gel without the rind.
Numerous companies use the rind and then eliminate the Aloin by using a
charcoal filter which degrades the Acemannan content of the Aloe.

Myth #4 All Aloe is bio-available.
That depends upon your definition of bio-available. Some Aloe is much,
much more bio-available than others. For instance, standard Aloe vera
powder does not dissolve in water. The most bio-available Aloe vera will be
completely water soluble with excellent molecular weight distribution below
50,000 Dalton.

Myth #5 Immunomodulation is immune system stimulation.
No. Immunomodulation allows the immune system to respond to any
situation. If the immune system is over stimulated due to chemicals, a poor
diet, or certain herbal supplements, Aloe vera helps the body to correct itself
and find balance. Conversely, when the immune system is under active
when fighting an insult, Aloe vera can propel macrophages to help the body
overcome an assault.

Dr. Santiago Rodriguez is the CEO of Lorand Laboratories, LLC.
Copyright 2010 Dr. Santiago Rodriguez


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