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BiAloe is also a key ingredient in Prodovite, Rapidly Absorbed Liquid Nutrition

is the highest quality, most bio-available, most immunomodulatory Aloe vera L. made. Farming, harvesting, processing, and packaging affect Acemannan content and the bio-availability of the Acemannan. This allows 160 mg of BiAloe® to be more efficacious than 3 to 10 times the amount of other commercially available Aloe vera.

BiAloe is Organic Aloe vera Inner Leaf Freeze Dried Powder

Aloe Vera Immunomodulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Aloe vera L. has been used topically and ingested as a Nutraceutical for thousands of years. In today fast paced world of advertising, information overload makes it extremely difficult to separate marketing hype from reality. In an attempt to short cut this process, Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, a world renowned Chemist with twenty years experience in Aloe vera discusses some of the more common issues.

Myth #1 All Aloe is the same.
Soil, temperature, sunshine, harvesting and processing techniques
dramatically affect the quality of Aloe vera L. I have found that Aloe grown in
a tropical climate to have the best quality.

Myth #2 A fresh Aloe leaf is better than processed Aloe.
Generally true for most processed Aloe vera products. My experience has
allowed me to see both the worst and the best of processed Aloe vera. Only
properly processed Aloe without the use of enzymes, chemicals, or heat
produces the best Aloe vera powder.

Myth #3 Aloe is better with the rind.
Aloe rind contains a laxative called Aloin. The best, most bio-available, most
immunomodulatory Aloe vera uses only the inner leaf gel without the rind.
Numerous companies use the rind and then eliminate the Aloin by using a
charcoal filter which degrades the Acemannan content of the Aloe.

Myth #4 All Aloe is bio-available.
That depends upon your definition of bio-available. Some Aloe is much,
much more bio-available than others. For instance, standard Aloe vera
powder does not dissolve in water. The most bio-available Aloe vera will be
completely water soluble with excellent molecular weight distribution below
50,000 Dalton.

Myth #5 Immunomodulation is immune system stimulation.
No. Immunomodulation allows the immune system to respond to any
situation. If the immune system is over stimulated due to chemicals, a poor
diet, or certain herbal supplements, Aloe vera helps the body to correct itself
and find balance. Conversely, when the immune system is under active
when fighting an insult, Aloe vera can propel macrophages to help the body
overcome an assault.

Dr. Santiago Rodriguez is the CEO of Lorand Laboratories, LLC.
Copyright 2010 Dr. Santiago Rodriguez


Prodovite™ Rapidly Absorped Liquid Nutrition

Nutrition that gets in

YouTube on Prodovite technology with prodosome encapsulation. Nutriton that gets in 100% of the time at the cellular level! Published on Apr 5, 2016

Then take the Prodovite™ test yourself
The more you learn about this incredible product the more you will want to take it.
Do you believe that your nutrient needs are being met?
As a result of an inadequate diet and/or the effects of aging and disease on our digestive system, we often have a deficiency of the key nutrients necessary for disease prevention and for health and vitality.
Take Prodovite™ for a month and if you notice improvements you'll know that your nutrient needs were not being met.


At the beginning of patient’s treatments I always explain to them that health depends on the consumption and absorption of necessary nutritional resources. This not only depends on a high intake of nutrient dense foods, especially vegetables and fruit, but also the ability to digest and absorb those nutrients. Too often, I find individuals with inadequate intake of quality foods as well as compromised digestive systems. And when we are ill or injured we need even greater amounts of key nutrients. The result- a bad situation can snowball.

Please understand that Prodovite™ is not another over priced exotic fruit drink. We now have, for the first time, an incredibly nutrient-dense product in a form that can be utilized effectively by those with incompetent gut function. It's the brainchild of two brilliant minds in the healthcare industry, Bio-Chemist Nutritionist, Bill Downs and Nutrition Scientist, Steve Kushner, whose knowledge and experience led them to combine the best of what nature has to offer with revolutionary technology to introduce key vitamins, minerals and plant based glyco-nutrients directly into your system. This supports the restoration of health by supplying sometimes desperately needed nutrients. Watch this live blood cell video to observe a typical response minutes after ingesting tasty liquid Prodovite™ . Once swallowed, Prodovite™ continues releasing health-promoting properties through time-release components.  For a list of ingredients click here.

Prodovite™ has been on the market less than three years and already we are seeing what is possible when the body has adequate resources to heal!The testimonials so far have included the normalizing of blood sugar levels in diabetics, rapid uncomplicated recovery after surgery, stabilized heart rhythm, decrease in autoimmune symptoms, increased energy, pain reduction and noticeably improved cognition.

Call if you have any questions and if you know someone who is struggling with health issues please pass this on to them. In my 36 years of practice, I have never seen a product with the incredible health-promoting potential of Prodovite™!

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free membership discount application. You may also call 484-326-6462 for more information* 
*Be sure to let us know how you first heard of Prodovite.

Yours in Health,
Dr Pat

Prodovite™ is unlike anything on the market because...
  • Complementary nutrients allow maximum synergistic benefits
  • Rapid and prolonged absorption start even before swallowing*
  • It enables nutrient clusters to be absorbed together at the same time*
  • The potent herbal complex, Phytosil, consists of a 'one part herb to one part water' extraction ratio, making it the highest concentration in the industry
  • The breakthrough formulation is backed by clinical research

Intellisome Encapsulation ensures maximum bio-availability

  • Contains only premium quality nutritional ingredients
  • Mechanical Compression and Intellisome Encapsulation promotes rapid and sustainable absorbtion and benefits*
  • Provides sustained blood levels of valuable health promoting ingredients*
  • Enhanced Immune Function* and Antioxidant Benefits    

* "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Recent Testimonial

I have to say that I was skeptical of a supplement being able to make any kind of significant impact on my body and health. But since I began taking Prodovite in September 2013, I have experienced a big improvement in my health.  From the very first ounce that I swallowed I could actually feel it working… and now I no longer feel like I have sludge running through my veins. In just two short months, my energy level has increased and my mental concentration level has improved.  As a result of the multiple blood lab results showing consistent improvement, my doctor has removed some of the medications that I had been prescribed. The bottom line is Prodovite has definitely improved my health since I started taking it in September 2013, and I have the medical proof to back up everything I’ve said.

Terilyn Burkhardt, Davenport, Florida
December 2013
For Terilyn's full testimonial


Spring Forest Qi Gong

Spring Forest Qi Gong

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It's a great way to exercise as we age.  No chance of injury and lots of positive return.
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