Spring Forest Qi Gong

Spring Forest Qi Gong

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I've been practicing the Spring Forest active exercises for more than a year now.  I love them and see them as a great way to release nervous tension, keep joints lubricated and healthy, move body parts through all ranges of motion and actively stretch.

It's a great way to exercise as we age.  No chance of injury and lots of positive return.
Spring Forest Fundamentals  (DVD, CD and health manual) is now available at Media Wellness Center
for $40.00

Intranasal Laser Therapy

For a number of years now I have been following laser research.  One of the most exciting findings has been the positive benefits of lasering the blood. 
Intravenous laser blood irradiation has been used for more than 20 years and was originally developed in Russia. It was used for a lot of different diseases like rheumatic, cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological indications. The process, however, was not something I would be able to do as it required using a dialysis type process.  The blood is literally taken out of the body, irradiated with light and then put back in the body. Obviously even though it is highly effective, it is invasive.  So I was very excited to find the recent work being done with Intranasal Light Therapy.

We are now in our third month of experiencing the benefits of Intranasal Light Therapy.  The feedback is all the way from increase in general wellbeing, resilience and strength, to decrease in needs for insulin and pain medication.

The Vielight is now available at a discounted price to our patients and clients. Call us with any questions at 610-566-2525.

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Intranasal Light Therapy (Vielight) 

633 Red: $299.00 free shipping


Order a Vielight before the end of the year and receive 20g of Dr Pat's BiAloe along with your Vielight.


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Is your fibromyalgia being caused by a long second toe?

There are two twentieth century medical doctors whose contributions are very relevant for the treatment of pain today:  Dr. Dudley Morton and Dr Janet Travell. In 1927, Dr. Dudley J. Morton, was the first to identify the possibly painful consequences of having a long second toe while an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Yale University. In fact, his research on this topic led the condition to evenually be referred to by the medical establishment as "Morton's Toe."

According to Morton, a long second toe can result in the foot incorrectly absorbing shock when it hits the ground, causing extra stress. It was Dr. Janet Travell, Professor Emeritus of Medicine at George Washington University and White House physician for both John F. Kennedy and Lydon B. Johnson, who linked a long second toe to back, hip, knee, ankle and (of course) foot pain. She described "Myofascial Pain Syndrome" as muscle pain, and it is a condition that causes hurting in locations away from the stressed muscles. Travell stated that there are several causes of Myofascial pain such as mechanical stress, postural stress, muscle constriction, leg length descrepancies, slow metabolism, sleep disorders, anxiety/ depression, and--as previously mentioned--Morton's Toe. 


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