In an ideal world we innately know when we are not in a state of balance (homeostatis). For some, however, it is not as easy to detect the slow slide away from health and wellbeing. Or we may have never had optimal health and just assumed that we were feeling the best we could feel.


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The importance of normal gut function

Western medical science has not recognized the importance of the relationship between the immune system and the gut. Only now are some people beginning to recognize and label the "leaky gut syndrome" as being the cause of many diseases. Ayurveda recognized this connection five thousand years ago when it talked about disease being caused by accumulation of toxins or "ama" as a result of impairment of the "Agni" (the process of digestion and assimilation). If the agni does not function properly, then the ama accumulates in the intestines and leaks into the circulation and subsequently accumulates in other parts of the body clogging them, impairing their resistance and immunity and causing disease of that organ.  Another name for this phenomenon is dysbiosis.


Comprehensive Care Plan

No matter whether your condition is acute or chronic, local or systemic, there are general guidelines that you can follow that will facilitate healing.


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Breast Cancer Study Finds Parabens in Virtually All Tumors
Posted: 01/24/2012 5:26 pm
Written by Jill Ettinger

A comprehensive study published in the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Technology shows more evidence of a correlation between parabens and incidences of breast cancer.



Not only can prescription drugs have adverse reactions when taken according to label instructions, more often than not, there is a nutritional price to pay, one that can dramatically affect your health and well-being. Some examples are : the NSAID ibuprofen (Motrin) depletes folic acid, which may cause birth defects, anemia, cardiovascular disease and cervical dysplasia.


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