Comprehensive Care Plan

No matter whether your condition is acute or chronic, local or systemic, there are general guidelines that you can follow that will facilitate healing.

Ask the following questions:

  • Is my diet, lifestyle (sleep, work, stress, exercise) or inflammation preventing or interfering with the normal healing process?
  • Does my body have enough inner resources locally and/or systemically to heal?
If we are not interfering with the normal healing process and we have enough inner resources it's incredible what the body is capable of.

All too often, however, the nature of local congestion after injury makes it hard to recover on our own even if we are not interfering with the process and we have adequate inner resources.As a resultwe continue to have progressive degenerative changes as we age. This is where effective chiropractic and bodywork intervention and newer modalities (Bioflex Laser Therapy, Infratonic8000) can make the difference between managing a chronic condition and truly healing.

You will always get more out of any intervention by paying attention to #1 and #2 above, and for some paying attention to #1 and #2 will make the difference between getting results from your treatments or getting no results!

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