In an ideal world we innately know when we are not in a state of balance (homeostatis). For some, however, it is not as easy to detect the slow slide away from health and wellbeing. Or we may have never had optimal health and just assumed that we were feeling the best we could feel.

altWith so many specialist, there is a tendency to 'discover' more and more new diagnoses and treatments. From a holistic perspective, we can look at all diagnoses as imbalance and start with a foundation that includes adequate resources, getting the body unstuck from struck states, and minimizing any systemic inflammation. Often this is enough to restore health or minimize the need for medical intervention.

It helps to be grounded in a few key principles when dealing with sometimes very complex interactions in the body.

  1. Adequate resources locally and systemically (blood flow, nerve impulses, lymph, freedom of motion of fluids in the interstitial pathways, adequate nutrition) are necessary for the repair and maintenance of the body. When it comes to local injury newer modalities like Laser Therapy and Microcurrent can make the difference between old injuries getting the resources they need to heal or not.
  2. Inflammation, local and/or systemic, can interfere with healing and maintaining health.
  3. Inflammation will contribute to the expression of undesirable gene traits, i.e. if you are in an inflammatory state systemically it will make you more likely to succumb to those conditions that you are genetically susceptible to, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  4. There are no magic bullets that can take the place of a high plant based diet, proper hydration, sufficient exercise and conditioning, adequate sleep and stress management.
  5. Any and all treatment, therapy, modality, bodywork, will work more effectively if we have the foundation of a high plant based diet, sufficient exercise and conditioning, adequate sleep and stress management.
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