If you have any joint or connective tissue condition that has been resistent to healing, consider that you may have a low grade infection somewhere in your body keeping it in an inflammatory state, preventing the completion of healing.

This can happen when we have dental infection (infection left behind after a root canal, infection under an old filling or crown, gingivitis or peridontal disease). Though any good dentist can help you discover if what is happening in your mouth is contributing to overall health challenges, it is sometimes necessary to find someone practicing Biological Dentistry to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Another constant challenge to the immune system and our body's ability to heal from injury is chronic sinus infections. Whether caused by virus, allergy or fungus, sinus problems respond well to eliminating trigger foods and adding high nutrient dense foods. For help in opening sinus passages and restoring the function of cilia to properly drain the sinus passages, there are a number of Nasal Irrigators on the market. The one I have found the most effective is the Hydropulse.

We are also much less prone to viral infections, including those commonly causing cold sores, cankersores, and herpes outbreaks, when avoiding trigger foods and making sure our nutrient needs are being met.

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