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Those who know me know how dedicated I am to finding not only the safest, most effective products available, but also those that give you the best value and, more importantly, results for your money.  These products were developed with a unique delivery system that guarantees that the nutrients are delivered directly into the blood stream.

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In order to maintain a healthy status, both the initiation of acute inflammation and its resolution must be efficient. Notably, it is not how often or how extensive an acute inflammatory reaction starts, but how effectively and quickly it resolves that determines whether the battle of inflammation is detrimental or the ideal favorable outcome for the host. Indeed, uncontrolled or unresolved inflammation is now recognized as a major driver of human pathologies, including arthritis, asthma, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases.

Metagenics Science Based SPM Active is a revolutionary new product supporting the resolution of unresolved inflammation.
Battery powered and cord-free, this device has powerful signals for pain relief, accelerated recovery and dissolving of stagnant energies in the Vital Field. Experience profound pain relief, Unwind, Elevate Your Mood, and Increase Self-Awareness.

I have owned an Infratonic device since the original came out many years ago, and can't imagine living without one! My experience with raising my kids, with myself and with my practice is that it's always the initial go-to after an injury. Nothing is as effective (and I have a lot of other therapeutic equipment) when it comes to quickly resolving the impacts of trauma. If used in the first 24-48 hours after an injury, I tell my patients it's almost as if you're fooling the body into not even knowing it was injured.
More recently we have been using it as part of our Brain Kick Start Program, knowing how well it works to break up existing patterns and allowing the brain to find its "remembered wellness" state.
Patients who have purchased their own have found it beneficial for bronchial congestion, insomnia, post surgery, the effects of stress as well as injuries.  

Yours in Health,

Dr Pat

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