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Did you know that if you eat a balanced diet, sleep eight hours a day, exercise three times a week, don't smoke, and have a relatively stress-free work environment, your chance of becoming seriously ill drops dramatically.  It beats every pill and drug ever concocted.  50% of all mortality is directly related to behavior.

However, leaving out just one doesn't buy you 80% of the health improvement you get by doing all five.  Leave out just one and the effects of the remaining four tenets drop exponentially.  You can't make up for a missing element by doubling down on the remainder: If you try to make up for an unhealthy diet with more exercise, that doesn't work.  Your body is a system.  To operate properly, it needs to be treated systemically.

Our approach helps you address all five as well as other health challenges.

You'll know immediately you've made the right decision when you experience the tranquility and comfort of our Center, conveniently located in Delaware County, Pa. Enjoy ample, free parking and easy access from the surrounding suburban areas, including Media, Swarthmore and the Main Line. All you need to book your customized health care appointments is one call to our friendly front desk. 610-566-2525

We're looking forward to creating a health promoting partnership with you soon.
In the meantime take advantage of the information on this website, including pertinent information on:
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The benefits of an Elimination Diet and the role of Inflammation in disease and aging.
The technological breakthrough and effectiveness of the BioFlex Laser/Light Therapy System, backed by 20 years of research and evidenced based clinical results. Now we can repair not just mask with medication, the results of injury, aging and autoimmune conditions.
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